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Welcome to K12Press Products, your premier destination for cutting-edge digital resources tailored for education communication. Here at K12Press, we’ve curated a collection of must-have custom plugins, themes, comprehensive training courses, and more, all designed to empower your educational institution. 

K12Press Digital Plan for All Access to Digital Products

Get the DIGITAL PLAN at $199/month for 12 months. Self-hosted DIY access to all K12Press digital products, including PRO upgrades. #K12Press

Elevate your school’s digital presence with our DIGITAL PLAN, the perfect solution for those looking for a self-hosted, do-it-yourself approach. For just $199/month with a 12-month license, this plan is designed to fit any educational institution’s needs, offering full access to K12Press’s digital products.

Dive into our extensive Plugin Library PRO Upgrade and enjoy all digital products available in our collection. While this plan focuses on empowering your team with the tools needed to build and manage an engaging educational website, it includes limited training and support to ensure you make the most of our offerings. Please note, AI tools are not included in this package.

The DIGITAL PLAN is ideal for schools ready to take control of their online environment, providing the resources necessary to create a dynamic and interactive digital experience for students, parents, and staff. Upgrade today and start building an outstanding educational website with K12Press’s comprehensive digital solutions.


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