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At K12Press, we specialize in clear and concise communication across various platforms, including emails, press releases, social media posts, and newsletter articles. Our approach prioritizes accessibility and swift response in crisis communications, ensuring your messages reach students, parents, and the broader community effectively and transparently.

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Introducing an AI-powered tool designed for school communications. Get started today without any cost!

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Our AI tool, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 and fine-tuned for educational environments, streamlines communication for schools. It’s currently available for free and does not retain data between sessions, ensuring your privacy and security.

  • Completely free to use with no hidden costs.
  • Utilizes OpenAI’s advanced ChatGPT-4, optimized for school communication.
  • Ensures privacy with no data retention between chat sessions.

    Draft a letter to parents or local media.

    How do we handle negative press?

    Draft a press release for a school event.

    This tool is your gateway to seamless school communications. Draft announcements, manage events, and engage your community with ease. Perfect for newsletters, updates, and more, without straining your budget.

    Comparison: Free vs. Premium

    • While the free version offers foundational AI assistance, our Standard and Master Plans unlock the full potential of K12Press. Get automated content generation for your website and social media, tailored from your school’s events and calendar information.
    • All posts are crafted with precision, awaiting your review and approval. The system ensures quality control by requiring human moderation before posting.

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