K12Press Services

K12Press strives to save school district budgets by offering powerful and affordable web-based open-source software solutions. Empower your institution’s digital presence with budget-friendly tools.

Enhance Internal & External Communication

K12Press improves communication within school districts by optimizing collaboration and information sharing. Internally, it streamlines coordination and information sharing among staff, while externally, it facilitates seamless interactions with parents, students, and the community through intuitive and accessible online platforms.

Easily Make Updates

Refine your website with front-end visual editing, allowing intuitive updates with just a few clicks. Streamline your content editing process for a seamless and user-friendly website management experience.

K12Press: Your Web
Communications Team

K12Press provides comprehensive solutions for an effective online presence. From content management to responsive design, we offer a one-stop solution, ensuring your web communication needs are met with expertise and efficiency.

Content Management

We offer staff training or we can serve as your dedicated webmaster for an efficient & effective school website.

Mobile Website

Opt for K12Press, ensuring modern, responsive interfaces that captivate users and elevate your digital presence.

Multisite Network

A WordPress Multisite Network hosts individual campus websites within a unified district website structure.

Website Analytics

K12Press provides accurate analytics for strategic marketing insights, optimizing your website with precision.

Access Management

Customizable access levels empowers specific users to view or update restricted content securely.

Digital Asset Vault

Securely upload documents to facilitate safe file sharing via email, links, or within a restricted depository.

Event Calendar

Our calendars are user-friendly, sync with external calendars, have detailed info, venues/maps, & repeating events.

Ticketing System

Effortlessly manage events with integrated ticketing, ensuring smooth attendance coordination with K12Press.

Staff Directories

Dynamic staff directories, allows you to customize contact information sharing based on your preferences.

AWS Cloud Hosting

Experience the power of K12Press, meticulously hosted on AWS for unparalleled performance and reliability. Elevate your online presence with seamless scalability, robust security, and lightning-fast loading times. Trust K12Press on AWS to ensure your digital footprint thrives with efficiency and dependability.

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