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Welcome to K12Press Products, your premier destination for cutting-edge digital resources tailored for education communication. Here at K12Press, we’ve curated a collection of must-have custom plugins, themes, comprehensive training courses, and more, all designed to empower your educational institution. 

K12Press Standard Plan for Site Setup with Training & Support

Upgrade with our STANDARD PLAN: Advanced AI tools & dedicated support for K-12 websites at $1999/month. Transform your school's digital presence!

Setup your school district’s digital footprint with our STANDARD PLAN, designed to seamlessly integrate advanced digital educational tools into your new website. For just $1999/month with a 12-month commitment and a one-time setup fee of $5000, this fully hosted solution is the key to unlocking a suite of specialized content AI tools. Tailored for the dynamic needs of K-12 schools. Those school districts with over 5000 students, our plan includes a per student fee of $1.50/student/12mo, ensuring scalable support for larger districts.

This comprehensive package not only provides access to cutting-edge AI technologies but also encompasses dedicated training and support, empowering your educators and administrators to maximize the potential of these tools. Although webmaster services and content updates are not included, the STANDARD PLAN focuses on equipping your team with the knowledge and resources necessary for maintaining a vibrant, engaging online presence.

Transform your educational website into a hub of innovation and learning with our STANDARD PLAN. Upgrade today and bring the future of education technology right to your school’s digital doorstep.


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