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Top 5 Accessibility Issues in School Websites and How to Fix Them

Fixing Accessibility Issues in School Websites for All

An accessible school website is key to creating an inclusive educational environment. Here, we identify five prevalent accessibility barriers that can deter users with disabilities and provide straightforward fixes to enhance your website’s usability.

1. Poor Color Contrast Problem

Text and background colors that do not have enough contrast make content difficult to read for users with visual impairments. Solution: Use tools like the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker to ensure that your color combinations meet WCAG guidelines.

2. Missing Alt Text for Images Problem

Images without alternative text are inaccessible to visually impaired users who rely on screen readers. Solution: Implement a policy to include descriptive alt text for all images on your site, explaining the function or content of the image.

3. Inaccessible Multimedia Problem

Videos and audio files without captions or transcripts exclude users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Solution: Always provide captions for videos and a text transcript for audio content to ensure all users can access multimedia information.

4. Navigation Difficulties Problem

Complex menus or inconsistent navigation structures can confuse users, particularly those with cognitive disabilities. Solution: Simplify navigation by using a consistent, hierarchical structure across your site with clearly labeled links.

5. Lack of Keyboard Accessibility Problem

Users who cannot use a mouse need to navigate websites using a keyboard or other input devices. Solution: Ensure that all interactive elements are accessible via keyboard by using proper HTML structure and testing with keyboard-only navigation.

Accessibility Issues for School Websites

Addressing these accessibility issues in school websites not only improves compliance with legal standards but also enhances the user experience for everyone. Regular audits, like those offered by K12Press, can help identify and rectify these issues efficiently.

Don’t let accessibility be an afterthought for your school’s website. Schedule an ADA compliance audit with K12Press today and ensure your site meets all necessary accessibility standards. Visit K12Press ADA Compliance School Website Audit to learn more.

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